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Real Talk: Is Hydration Key?

Real Talk: Is Hydration Key?

ReLet's Talk About Hydration

There are so many people who feel tired, sick, and experience mental fog because of severe dehydration. Some people drink only a glass or two of water a day, and we all know someone who doesn't drink any water at all.

 While we all love the convenience of bottled water, it's simply not a long term solution. Bottled water is both expensive and environmentally dangerous. Coming to this realization is one of the many reasons people opt for a home water unit. A great way to drink as much water as you need every day is to source water from your own home and carry a refillable bottle (we recommend glass) with you and sip throughout the day. This way, you can leisurely hydrate and help promote overall health while at work, in the car on the go, and during after school activities with your kids. You'll probably feel so much better drinking more water.

 The body achieves homeostasis only when every bodily function is in check and thriving. Don't drink water and choose soda or juices only, and everything is thrown out of whack. Skip your greens awhile, skimp out on fiber intake, or miss meals... We've all been there and we all know how bad we feel when we put diet and health on the back burner! Could the answer to big health problems be so simple? What if you're so dehydrated that the health problems were stacking up as a consequence? What if drinking more water made you feel better in the first week? Sure, there's more to the story than simply drinking more water.

 It's hard to make sure everything on the to-do list is checked off. At the end of the day, there's usually more to be done. Some things take time to fix. But taking control of your water intake is so important that it's worth giving awesome hydration a chance. You'll probably feel better in the first week and you'll be able to tackle that to-do list, and give life a run for its money.


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Doctor Recommended Weight Loss pH Water

Doctor Recommended Weight Loss pH Water

Doctor Recommended pH Weight Loss Water For the past decade, hundreds of chiropractors and other natural health doctors have been vigorously recommending alkaline water to their patients to assist in a variety of health related wellness programs. Typically, doctors charge patients $3.00 and up per gallon for alkaline water. It's a fast-selling product nationwide. Most doctors and retailers are using the high frequency water to aid in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. The reports of weight loss in conjunction with alkaline water consumption are overwhelming! The alkaline pH water has the unique ability, due to its inherent energy factors, to nutritionally satisfy to a much higher degree than typical tap, purified or bottled water.

 People notice the taste and the increased hydration alkaline pH water provides. It's also interesting to note, that, once patients start drinking the alkaline pH water for a health program, the positive results that they achieve compel them to continue choosing to drink it forever. Now that natural alkaline water is affordable and convenient to install, it's easier than ever to make the shift to alkaline water for you and your entire family. Water-Revolution offers a wide range of alkaline water systems. It's simple to chose the best system for you, whether you want the convenience of alkaline water in your home, or you want to set up an alkaline water system for commercial use in your office. Be sure to check our our Residential and Commercial models under the Products tab, or contact us for more information!


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Your Ultimate Solution at Home!

Your Ultimate Solution at Home!

What Makes Water Revolution’s Water
So Deliciously Healthy?

Everyone’s talking about the incredibly fresh taste of Water Revolution’s water. W-R’s proprietary energized media solution™ technology infuses beneficial bio-information signals into the purified water creating a delicious end result that closely mimics nature’s own healthiest drinking waters. Rather than using common electrifying ionization systems (that can emit EMF energy into the water and environment) we use the very best media components to mineralize and energize the water the way Mother Nature does.

One of the yummy results of the energized media solution™ technology is its ability to create a water that’s micro-clustered. Micro-clustering means that the altered water is bound by molecular groupings or "structures” that are smaller in size than typical tap or bottled water. This in turn can lead to enhanced hydration allowing the water’s molecules to be more easily absorbed by the body’s cell structures. You can actually perform your own at-home demonstration of this enhanced absorption using the "tea bag test”. Simply take a glass of tap water and another glass of Water Revolution water (both at room temperature). Place an original Lipton™ Brand regular black tea bag into each glass of water – you can see how the W-R water absorbs into and moves through the tea tag so much faster. Seeing this effect for yourself is an eye opening experience!

The many benefits of Water Revolution’s water:

  • Our systems create water that can be more hydrating to the body. Drinkers of our water say they can feel the difference, actually getting more thirsty when drinking our water and never getting that bloated feeling associated with typical tap water, bottled water or other synthetic beverages. Common effects of dehydration can include high blood pressure, body weight gain, low energy and migraines. 


  • Beauty control on tap. Your body’s largest organ, the skin, is directly affected by the water you drink. Get "the glow” everyday with our incredibly hydrating water!


  • Our water systems create water that is packed full of nutrients. Try it for yourself. Most can feel the difference almost immediately.


  • Our water systems create water that is rich in antioxidants. Daily intake of antioxidants is essential to fight against the premature aging damage of free radicals. Researchers have found that free radical damage is associated with numerous degenerative diseases. Heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis to name a few. Antioxidants help to protect the body from oxidation. Our water will literally bathe your body with fresh antioxidants in every glass!


  • Our water systems can help you to alkalize easily and efficiently. Water Revolution’s water provides your body with alkalizing minerals and will help it to better control over-acidity. The common American diet, regular and ongoing stress, and environmental pollutants can create over acidity in the body leading to what researchers refer to as acidosis. Researchers believe that acidosis is one of the key factors in allowing the body’s environment to fall susceptible to premature disease. Drinking Water Revolution water is the easiest way to help your body to maintain its essential state of alkalinity.


  • Our water systems are assembled by hand in the U.S.A. and the manufacture and sales of these systems support American families.


  • Our systems are far more affordable than other healthy water systems. Our top of the line AlkaPurity H-D™, full purification and energizing under–the-counter system (with premium faucet included) is 75% less cost than the country’s most popular imported electric water ionizing system and fully less than half the cost of other similar systems. Our line of instantly installed counter top systems, Counter Top Revolutionizer™, alkaTREK™, and AlkaRev™ represent even greater savings.
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Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline Water Helping People
There are many alkaline water health benefits. Alkaline water is the premium healthy choice of many people because of its numerous benefits, including an overwhelming report of weight loss. Weight loss has been directly linked to an active, healthy lifestyle, which includes at the peak: Hydration. Doctors and wellness lifestyle experts agree that people are overall dehydrated.                                                                                                                  
 The stories just go on and on. It's easier for people to drink more water (and become hydrated) when water tastes great. These benefits include: Stability of blood sugar. An increase of both blood oxygen levels and circulation. In addition, many alkaline water drinkers report a more youthful skin appearance and much more hydrated skin, increased energy, and overall stress reduction. People even report reduced allergy symptoms (which means easier Springtime), relief from arthritis, and less upset stomachs because of more alkalinity during digestion.

All water is not created equal…

  • Tap water: What’s on tap? Well, that depends upon what the municipality has added to your local water supply. What you need to know is that EVERY municipal water supply in America has been found to contain dangerous toxins and contaminants.
  • Well water: Unlike public drinking water systems, there is no expert regularly checking the source and quality of a private drinking water supply. Potential contaminants include microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites and other microorganisms), radionuclide’s (uranium and radium), radon, nitrates, nitrites, heavy metals, fluoride, fertilizers, pesticides, and harmful chemicals from industrial products and wastes and household wastes.
  • Bottled water: It’s a fact that some bottled water is actually reprocessed tap water, and that others have added sugar and sodium. Bottled water also poses the issues of toxic “out gassing” (where chemicals leach from the plastic bottle into the water contained in the bottle) and the variety of health issues that result from this chemical exposure. Additionally, landfill waste limitations and the pollution/carbon footprint generated to create the plastic itself and transport the water bottles are of serious concern to many.
  • Filtered water: While economical, the carbon in some filters can break down and return contaminants to the drinking water. Filters have a limited life, and it can be difficult to determine when exactly the filter’s effectiveness is gone. Filters can also provide a breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Reverse-Osmosis water: Reverse-Osmosis (RO) units provide one of the best methods of extracting contaminants, without using electricity. However, there is a serious concern that highly purified water is void of essential minerals, and thus may pose a threat to the health of bones and teeth.
  • Distilled water: Distillers make the purest water. While most distillers are electric, they still take hours to make water and can create heat and humidity. Although a distiller mimics nature’s process of rain, distilled water does not taste like rainwater because all of the minerals have been removed. Like RO, distilled water is stripped of essential minerals.
  • Natural alkaline water: Some areas of the world are fortunate to have naturally occurring alkaline water. This is the water that is found in nature’s most famous healing Mecca’s… places such as Lourdes, France and Vilcabamba, Ecuador. Hundreds of thousands of people travel to these locations on pilgrimages every year to experience the healing powers of this water.
 Our water is simply super hydrating! Water-Revolution's alkaline water machines were designed with you in mind. We want our customers to have the best alkaline water right from the comfort of their own home.
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